The offices of registered architects
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  • 私たちは建築を通じて明るい未来をつくる集団でありたい。


  • We want to be a group that creates a bright future through architecture.

    Launched in 2001, m-SITE-r (site) has been a place of global activity with the design of houses and commercial buildings centering on architecture, interior design to graphic design, or web design. Regardless of what the Lord is, I have been thinking and enjoying everything as an area of my design. Also, rather than thinking about design from a unit of city, we want to look at the city from a realistic unit of everyday life and create something that is a bit of a part of the world.
    We would like to design through various places and create the future from now on, so thank you in advance.



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    〒152-0002 東京都目黒区目黒本町4-3-14 ミチノサキ3F
    TEL : 03-3793-2760 FAX : 03-6303-0161

  • m-SITE-r/The offices of registered architects and design

    Michinosaki 3F 4-3-14, Megurohoncyo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0002 TEL : 03-3793-2760 FAX : 03-6303-0161